How does Follo tracker work?

The tracker hidden near the drive unit uses the eBike battery to power itself. Whenever it detects motion, the GPS wakes up and the eBike tracking starts. As soon as the first accurate position is available it is sent and visible from your account (mobile app and desktop). As long as the eBike is in motion, a position is sent every 20 seconds maximum. When the eBike is parked, the tracker enters a stand-by mode to save the battery.

Does this mean I don't have to lock my bike up?

Heck no! A GPS tracker is an additional security measure rather than an alternative to a good lock. We think of it as increasing the likelihood of getting your bike back but doesn’t guarantee it. We strongly recommend a D-Lock or Folding lock. Cable locks and even some chain locks are pretty quick to cut through.

Does this mean I don't need insurance?

Insurance is still a very good idea. Most contents insurance covers your bike, but it’s a good idea to let them know specifically the value of your bike to make sure it’s covered. If you tell them you’ve got a GPS tracker installed, maybe it’ll reduce your premiums.

Will you help me find my bike if it's stolen?

Finding your bike and communicating with Police is your responsibility. We can certainly help you to use the app if you need help with that. We hope that providing this technology has made it easier than it would be without it.

Can we hold you responsible if FOLLO tracker doesn't work and the bike is stolen?

We recommend you check the system is working on a regular basis and get in touch with us if there are any issues. If we didn’t know there was an issue and then the bike gets stolen we won’t be able to help and we can’t be held responsible. The best we can do is offer a sympathetic ear. We recommend insurance.

Can I use Follo trackers on motorbikes / e-scooters / cars / others?

Yes. The Universal tracker comes with open-ended wires to be connected to a power source between 9V and 90V.

We also have a eScooter – XT 60 tracker for eScooters using those connectors. 

XT60 image

What Bosch version do I have?
  •  “Active Line” motors: Gen3
  •  “Performance Line CX” or “Cargo Line”: Gen4
  • New Bosch eBikes bought in 2023: Gen4 – Smart. It also comes with a LED remote control unit.
Where is the IMEI?

It’s printed on the back of the tracker’s box. Please keep it safe as it is the tracker’s only ID. It will be needed if you sell your eBike to transfer ownership of the FOLLO tracker.

Why is there a subscription?

The tracker is sending data thanks to an integrated SIM card. The subscription covers the network cost and allows us to ensure the quality of services.
Subscription is $6/month/device and can be stopped at any time.

I sold my eBike. I want to transfer the tracker's ownership.

Make sure to give the box containing the IMEI number to the new owner and delete your bike from your account. Contact us to stop your subscription. The new owner can create their own account, subscribe and add the tracker.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Contact us.

Does it only work in New Zealand?

Our trackers will work anywhere 2G is available.

Unfortunately it means it doesn’t work in Australia. We are working on a new product that will solve this problem. Stay tuned.

Is it compatible with my eBike?

FOLLO tracker for Bosch Gen 3 system:
Active Line, Active Line plus, Performance Cruise, Performance Speed

FOLLO tracker for Bosch Gen 4 system:
Performance CS, Performance Speed, Cargo Line, Cargo Line Speed

FOLLO tracker for Bosch Gen 4 – Smart system:
New Bosch e-bike bought in 2023 with Smart system

FOLLO tracker for Shimano system:
Compatible with Shimano system where the light connector provides 12Vlike EP8, E7000, E6100, E6010 and E5000

FOLLO tracker for Brose system:
Compatible with Brose system where the light connector provides 12V like Drive-S Mag, Specialized 2.1, etc

FOLLO tracker for Bafang system:
Compatible with Bafang system’s newest mid-drive units (M500 and higher)

FOLLO tracker Universal:
Has to be connected to a power supply delivering 9 to 90V.

I want to sell your products in my bike shop.

That’s great, get in touch and we will make it happen.

Can I use Follo trackers on a fleet?

You can track your fleet on one single account and get data reports to understand better your customers. 
Get in touch with us and we will help you.

What is your Refund and Returns Policy?

Refund and Returns Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What is the accuracy?

The accuracy is below 10 meters in optimal conditions. However, accuracy can be degraded by many factors like tall buildings, trees, bridges, indoor use, etc.

What is the tracking interval?

Positions are sent every 20 seconds maximum. The tracker adapts its tracking intervals to the situation to ensure optimal operation.

I want to install the tracker myself but I am not a bike mechanic.

Our FOLLO trackers are designed to allow self installation at home. An easy and detailed step-by-step manual will guide you through the installation.

You can of course also take it to your local bike shop.

Only basic tools are required like:

  • Allen keys (3mm, 4mm or 5mm)
  • Phillips head screwdrivers
  • Needle nose pliers can be handy too

On some eBikes the crank must be removed to access the drive unit. In that case you will need a crank puller and 8mm Allen keys.

What size is the tracker?

Size: 7.3 × 2.2 × 0.9 cm

Weight: 20g

What is the warranty of the tracker?

1 year from the date of purchase.

What about the warranty of my bike after installing the tracker?

A correct installation of our trackers doesn’t interfere with the electric and data systems of your eBike. Therefore there is no reason this product would interfere with the warranty of your bike and we’ve never heard of anyone being denied a warranty claim.

In the case of the Universal tracker option, we recommend you ask the manufacturer first.

Is it waterproof?

Like your eBike engine it is splashproof. Rain is okay but do not immerse in water.

Is there a manual for the Universal option?

We don’t provide a manual with the Universal tracker. It comes with open-ended wires to be connected to a power source (9 to 90V).

What network is it using?

Our trackers are using the 2G network.

How long does the tracker last on its internal battery?

When the eBike battery is removed or when it is switched off, the internal battery of the tracker takes over.
It lasts a day on stand-by mode and a few hours in tracking mode. When empty the tracking stops. The next time the eBike is switched on again the tracking is reactivated automatically and location is updated.
It takes one hour for the internal battery to be fully recharged.

How long does it take to get a location when I start riding?

The time for first fix varies between 10 seconds and 5 minutes, depending on many factors like idle time, internal battery charge, GPS reception, etc.

Where can I find the Follo app?

Follo – GPS tracker for eBikes is available on both Android and iOS for free.

How do I subscribe?

From a web browser create an account and log in here. Subscription options will be displayed before you can access the tracking page.

After subscribing you will receive an email with details on how to link the tracker to your newly created account.

How do I change my password?

Login to your account from a web browser and click on the top right corner “My account” and choose “Change password”.

How do I delete my tracker from the app?

Login to your account from a web browser, click on the 3 dots next to your bike’s name and choose ‘Edit’. Click on ‘Delete’ at the bottom of the pop up page.

Can I share my location?

Yes. From a web browser, click on the 3 dots next to your bike’s name and choose ‘sharing’.

Can I add more than one tracker on my account?

Yes. When choosing the subscription option choose ‘2 devices’. If you want to have more than 2 devices linked to your account please contact us.

I want to get a notification when my bike leaves a specific place like home.

The first thing is to create a geofence.
See this video: Add a geofence

Then create an alert based on that geofence.
See this video: Add an alert

My eBike was stolen. What do I do?

We strongly advise you to contact the Police, let them know that your eBike is tracked by GPS and that you can share its location.
You can also let us know about it.

I have created my account but I haven't received any email.

Make sure you entered the correct email address when creating the account and check your spam folder.

I can’t login, it says 'wrong credentials'.

If you are login in for the first time it must be from a web browser.
Make sure that your are using the correct email address and password.

The location of my bike is different from what the app is showing.

Take your eBike for a short ride. The location should update after a few minutes.

I can't see my bike location on the app.

Please check the following common errors:

  • IMEI incorrectly entered
  • Initial process still running. Take your bike for a short ride (10mn) after the tracker has been installed and added to your account.
  • Tracker incorrectly installed. Please refer to the ‘Important information’ on the installation manual on how to position the tracker on your eBike.
  • Shimano system: lights are not switched to ‘Always ON’.
  • Bosch Gen4: The 12V power port has not been enabled (Bosch dealer bike shop operation only)

If you still can’t see the location of your eBike after checking the above steps, contact us.

Installation manuals
Bosch tracker logo
Bosch tracker logo

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