Protect your eBike

We’ve designed an anti-theft system for eBikes.

Enjoy the security and confidence of knowing where your eBike is and help recover it if it’s stolen.

Track your eBike in 4 steps

1. Order online

Select your motor model and order your FOLLO tracker online

2. Install

Easy step-by-step instructions to install the tracker yourself or take it to your local bike shop

3. Sign up

Create your account, subscribe for $6/month and connect your tracker to the account

4. Track

Live track your eBike from any devices. Free App available on iOS and Android

Already have your FOLLO tracker installed? Click here to track now.


gps tracker with in app live location image
gps tracker with in app live location image

Live GPS tracking

See the location of your eBike at anytime and on any devices. The genuine GPS antenna ensures that it is tracked with accuracy wherever it goes.

Automatic recharge

The FOLLO tracker is connected to the eBike electric system via an included brand specific power cable. No need to regularly recharge it, everything is automatic.


The FOLLO tracker is installed inside the eBike’s engine compartment, making it completely invisible to thieves.

Local support

Being based in Wellington you can reach us at anytime.
FOLLO is compatible with most eBike brands using the following systems:
Bosch tracker logo
SHimano tracker logo
Bafang tracker logo
brose tracker logo
Bosch tracker logo
SHimano tracker logo
Bafang tracker logo
brose tracker logo

We also have a Universal option. See FAQ to learn more about compatibilities.

If you don’t see yours in the list contact us. We might be able to help you.

Additional Protection

In the case where your bike can’t be found or is seriously damaged during the theft, Revolution covers you.

With emergency assistance, low to no excess, and like-for-like replacement, we recommend using their insurance tailored specifically for eBikes.

Best GPS tracker for eBikes in New Zealand
Give your eBike the best GPS tracker for eBikes in New Zealand. Protect your eBike so you can lock and relax....




About us

Follo was created by Eric and Ryan, both keen cyclists and eBike users in Wellington.

We worked together at Switched on Bikes, a rental eBike shop in Wellington. When bikes went missing on a busy summer day we recognized that having good locks was not enough anymore. We had to step up our security measures.

Being able to track our eBikes became an obvious necessity. A quick search online made it clear that nothing specifically designed for eBikes was available in New Zealand. We had to create our own solution. A little while down the track and all of Switched on Bikes eBikes tracked, we realized that we could help others protect their eBikes and fight the increasing theft happening here.

Eric co founder working on gps tracker for ebikes
Eric Scotti


I have always been riding bikes, either for commuting, for fun or to travel around the world. You’ll find me mostly riding a cargo eBike with my 2 toddlers around Wellington.
Ryan co-founder on ebike equiped with GPS tracker
Ryan O'Connell


I started Switched on Bikes in 2015 and we began offering bike rental and guided tours of the capital city. In 2020 we added NZ’s first eBike subscription service to our offering, by launching Subscribe to Ride for Wellington locals. My day to day work is driven by the potential for eBikes to make urban transport more sustainable.


With quite a few bikes stolen over the years, I know too well the awful feeling of losing your favorite bike.

They already use Follo

Electric bike thefts are increasing.

We can stop it

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